How do I know the Bible is True??

This is a question everyone faces. Just because “Christians” believe what is in it why should you?

Open to the first words of the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

The words hit you, and you have to make a choice. Do you believe those words?  You may have been told to just have faith and believe everything the Bible says, will that work for you?

When I began hearing the stories in the Bible, and then started reading them for myself I was constantly trying to figure out how could these things have actually happened. Maybe the stories are there to give an example of something we need to learn. Yet I still had an unease, if some of the stories may not be true, how do I know what is and what isn’t true?

So what I did was tell God what he already knew, I had questions. I asked for his help to understand. No, there was no enlightened moment I gained all understanding. What I did was continue to read the Bible little by little. The more I read the more I began to gain some understanding. All these stories, of all these ancient people are all tied together. Somewhere along the way I realized these stories, this book, it’s all true. Once I got to that vantage point it created a hunger for learning more. But that’s my story, what is yours? Where are you spiritually?

What if the God who created the heavens and earth wants to talk to you? Isn’t that worth finding out if that is true?

Just talk to God, tell him your doubts, and start reading…..


Here is a video helping explain why we can trust the Bible.




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